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    Does anybody know what is wrong with this stock? (45c-65c x 7 days) I got beaten up this week and can not work out why!!!!!.They have good resources and done the presenations around the major stockbroking firms the feedback was good with talk of spins offs for U but it keeps going south I think I had better go back to work for someone else.

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    Hang in there roughnready, im on it too. Im not worried at all. You are right, its a great stock. Patience.

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    Hi Sampson Thank you for your reply. See they are in a trading halt today, awaiting an announcement!!!
    Could be what I have been waiting for maybe tomorrow or first thing Monday
    I'm staying in Good luck R&R

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    Hey Sampson
    I have spoken to Ken Banks at Aurora Minerals and he is hopeful of the Uranium float getting going by the middle of the year ,it will be called Desert Energy It is going to have dedicated management team to deal only with the Uranium business and not try and run 2 companies at once from Aurora. It will be interesting to see who gets on the board and how far it goes.They have not worked out what the split will be for Aurora shareholders but they will get priority he said.
    They are planning to get a drill on site after the Aero/elctromagnetic survey is competed to confirm Uranium results sometime in May. With the float getting up around June/July .If the drill results are good then who knows,I might buy more now. Sounds rosy, but don't they all R&R

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    Thanks for the Info RnR
    SP holding steady.

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    With the current demand for U shares and particularly U spin off(Korab resources,SAU etc) would imagine these will run a fair bit as people position themselves to gain priority allocations for the IPO.Also posted same on EDN and as same may apply-I hold all 3

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    Hi Alankew It has been rising all week,but looks like people want their profit for the weekend lost 5 cents late today. I looked at Korab Res and particularly like the NT Uranium deposits .With the labour government dragging their feet on Uranium here in W.A. it may be a better bet. Alankew do you have any idea how far off the IPO's are? I like them both will have to wait till Monday now. R&R

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    Alankew plaese diregard my question on the IPO's after reading the fine print I see I have misssed the boat already R&R

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    Hey Sampson are you still following/holding ARM? There is a small write up on Aurora in the April issue of "Money" magazine by a guy called David Haselhurst. He seems to think that it is still a good buy at 50c and confirms what I have already heard about aeromagnetic survey followed by drilling in the middle of the year. SP up 3 days in a row glad I bought more when I did. R&R

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    Smile Re: ARM - Aurora Minerals

    Desert Energy ann.
    30,000,000 shares to be offered at .20c with ARM holders getting preference at .455 new shares for every 1 ARM held. Over run of up to 10,000,000 shares I think it was.
    Options possibly will be released after 6 months at a convertable value of .25c

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    Anyone following ???
    Their new Manganese discovery is looking interesting:
    Capricorn Southeast,WA.
    Exploration Target 10 mill tonnes Manganese
    Grades of 15-40 % Mn
    Best grades to 56.5% Mn
    95 kms of strike Mn host,three horizons

    Shares on Issue 71 Million
    Market cap at 25c $18 Mill

    (from ARM Investors Presentation 24/7/9)

    Spectrumchaser has recently boarded the train with ARM

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    a very insightful and well researched post from another poster on another forum site:

    post by aksier

    Aurora Minerals (ARM): With such a large zone of high grade surface manganese, Aurora Minerals could well be the outstanding resource stock of 2010.

    They will commence drilling during the first quarter of 2010 and only need to replicate a small portion of their high grade surface expression into drill core results to define a substantial resource (on a global scale). There are few stocks which one can honestly say have the potential for returns of Fortescue type multiples, but ARM is certainly one such company. Sandfire Resources discovered high grade copper from drilling in 2009 to the north of Auroras discovery, from a finite 8km anomaly, and their shares rose from 10c to a high of $4.39 with the current price still at $3.70. SFR have a defined area with somewhat limited potential to broaden their discovery whereas Aurora has only tested a small area of their overall target zone.

    So far ARM have discovered over 50kms of strike of high grade manganese in the bedrock Ullawarra formation and, in addition, have also identified over 70km2 of accompanied laterite manganese. Dont be surprised if this laterite discovery is increased substantially, plus they also have a further 36kms to test of the main bedrock formation. The key to the laterite discovery is that it is likely to be a high grade near surface deposit which should ultimately lead to lowest quartile mining costs. Future demand for manganese is likely to be strong as the Chinese, Indian and other South East Asian economies continue on their growth paths, with flow on effects for global steel markets.

    I believe the recent price action leading to the continuation of the strong uptrend combined with an increased appetite for the stock in the lead up to drilling from late February into March will see Aurora test $1.00 or even higher quite quickly in 2010.

    The Company has a conservative target tonnage of 10 million tonnes of manganese but that was before further discoveries at 5 fingers plus the large laterite zone of manganese. Looking at the market capitalisation of OM Holdings (Bootu Creek Discovery) and the sale price of the Woodie Woodie deposit (privatisation of Consolidated Minerals), you see roughly about $300 to $400 million of market cap upside per 10 million tonnes of manganese. So for every 10m tonnes discovered could represent up to $2.50 to $3.40 per Aurora share on a fully diluted basis. Capricorn Southeast could potentially host hundreds of millions of tonnes of manganese which would be more than enough to place the company under the watchful eye of the majors as the scale of the discovery becomes clearer. Using these figures you can start to understand why I have drawn comparisons between Aurora Minerals and Fortescue Metals Group in terms of the upside potential of ARMs shares.

    Large amounts of manganese in a big system can be a geological footprint that may also lead to significant base metal discoveries. So there could be further upside in the share price from the identification of substantial base metals deposits particularly as they test the Talga Fault north of the manganese discovery. This area has geological similarities to the Mount Isa region in Queensland which has yielded deposits worth tens of billions of dollars. Significantly ARMs tenements cover the entire Talga Fault.

    Finally, there is some added exposure to the uranium sector via the companys 50% interest in listed explorer, Desert Energy.
    something doesn't necessarily have to be proven to 'actually' exist to have an effect that mimics the very likelihood that it does

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    Smile Re: ARM - Aurora Minerals

    I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one with Aurora shares on ASF.

    today, shares jumped 9 cents to $1.01 (10% increase)

    solid, sustained buying with barelly any profit taking, technicallly it looks very bullish with many people anticipating the impending drilling of their huge manganese prospect.

    it is still a minnow with a market cap of 74 million.

    comparison - OM holdings - market cap 960 million

    OM holdings has an ore reserve of 22.4 mt at 22.1 Mn

    a majority of surface samples in Aurora's largely unexplored tenement have come in between 40 and 60% Mn Now i know this may not translate into comparable drilling results but it sure is looking positive.

    In time I believe that ARM will be able to define a resource which dwarfs that of OM's. IMO of course, patience is certainly required.
    something doesn't necessarily have to be proven to 'actually' exist to have an effect that mimics the very likelihood that it does

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    What a difference a few months make! As an absolute newbie, it strikes me as a risky but promising play at today's levels (0.41)...I might load up on a few in coming days. Any thoughts from wiser heads than mine?

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    arm down approx 36% today on reasonable volume

    it would appear the drill results form the recent capricorn southeast drilling program have failed to impress

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