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    Why is this Federal Goverment allowing foreign companies to buy our Uranium companies I would have thought keeping this commodity in Australians hands would have been a priority by the Feds if they think its important enough to step in,in the N.T. and pushing states to allow mining then whats the point if it allows foreign investment to take it over

    cheers laurie

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    Our "HONORABLE?????" politicians would sell their own mothers for a buck ...

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    Thats the way the world works, unless of course you are in Russia in which case you just steal it from the people who have already done the hard work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radio-active man
    Our "HONORABLE?????" politicians would sell their own mothers for a buck ...

    Foreign countries need this stuff and their companies can afford the operations, which would fast track alot of things = as radio active man said, it will earn them an extra buck!!!!

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