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    Hi everyone

    Just back to trading after a 8 year hiatus. I have recently joined with Commsec and was wondering if there is a way of finding out the top 5 or 10% or amount movers and losers? Just so you can keep up with what is hot (or not).

    PS from all the complaints out there about brokers and having my own not able to log onto Commsec this am is there one broker who is consistently reliable?

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    Hi georgie,

    If you have the Professional Trader platform, you can view them in Market Movers.
    Otherwise, from your web login, goto Shares & IPOs -> Watchlists -> Indices -> 50 Leaders,20 Industrials,20 Resources.

    PS: Not certain how Commsec lists the movers, cos there are always some other stocks that move much more, and are not listed.

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    list of top movers updated every few hours

    small and large cap categories
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    This link may help. Sometimes lags though.



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    Thanks for the info guys - seems can't be done in Commsec but other sources around.

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    I use this link, i think it is the best. It updates every hour and does, not only the top 20 movers of the top 100 asx, but also the top 20 movers of the whole market.


    It can't be done with commsec.

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