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    Is there a program or website where I can input a company name and it can tell me what shares they own in other companies?

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    If we all knew this information, it would be easy but....

    The only information available publicly is the substantial holders. You can have a look through a companies announcements, and if there is a sub holder, each time they vary their percentage by more than 1% you will see a lodgement.


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    You could try checking the annual report.

    For instance, in ConsMin's last annual report, you can see they hold 32.45% of Jabiru Metals, 19.9% of Mithril Resources and 12.1% of Vital Metals.

    Check the notes to the financial statements...

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    You can do what that snail mail spammer does and buy records of a company's full shareholder list. Buy every company you can think of, compile it into a database and search by name to shares.

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