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    This one came from when I was back in Burma last week catching up with an old female mate from Manchester.
    She spoke of the first time she was in India and the first thing the rickshaw driver said to her was "I want a bang lassie - you?" She thought she was gettiing hit on.... She learnt better after..

    I fell for the "Happy Pizza" in Battambang.... The locals asked if I wanted a "happy pizza". I said I was a really happy sort of guy, make it the happiest they've ever made....Needless to say how I ended up ...

    Next story please.....

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    Hi Sanq
    A couple of years ago I was In Russia and went to check into a hotel. My paper work was "not all in order"sSo I was sent around to the local police station to get it sorted out.

    While I was there and waiting to be fleeced, I mean dealt with, I was having to sit in a cell. They then brought this other guy in to my cell and left us there. I didn't mind too much because he knew a bit of english and I knew russian so we actually got on fine.

    After about 5 hrs of being in this cell, I was taken out and had to pay a fine. Before leaving I wished the guy good luck and left.

    When I finally got booked into my hotel room I was sitting back watching the TV when who should come on the news but the guy I was sitting with. Evidently he was caught driving around Moscow with two dead bodies in the boot of his car and was a bit of a nutter.

    MMMM Lots of fun stories about Russia.

    Cheers martin

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    On a bus in Northern India, travelling up to Darjeeling to begin trekking through the Himalaya, there were numerous "road safety" signs carved into the mountains.

    I remember "Love thy neighbour, but not whilst driving" got a few chuckles.

    Can't imagine the TAC advertising "God wants you in heaven, but not yet"
    Whether you think you can, or think you can't; you are right.

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