Hi all,

I have seen couple of IPO'S are doing really well on their first day (although there are some not doing well).
Some of them are because they have good tenements, good management or institutional investors.

I would like to open up discussion of PROSPECTIVE IPO ie. that is IPO with a prospect of premium of their first day. The prospect of earning some money from this IPO is pretty good remembering if the shares goes up even by only 2 cents (share price of 20 c ) , it is already represents 10 % ROI

To start with, I would like to share something I know:
If we join in


We might be able to get into allocations of certain amount of share if we join in the company.
Disclaimer: I am not working or advertising for the prospectus.com.au

PS : Joe,I believe this would hardly be a form of ramping as people could not be bothered to ramp because if it is ramped, then over-subscription will happen. And if that happens, then the company would have a discretion of how they distribute the shares. There might be a chance that the punters get less than what they want or even they might not get the share.