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    Question Theoretical stockmarket question

    First, in total how many listed companies are there available?

    Then, how many of those actually increase in price over 12 months and or pay a dividend?

    Finally, what do you estimate would be the capital cost of purchasing minimum parcels in ALL companies listed. (not including brokerage)

    My hypothesis is that, in theory most companies would increase in price and or provide some return to shareholders over 12 months. If that is true, then investing in minimum parcels across the entire board, while very expensive, should provide some type of positive return.

    But, what would that averaged out return be I wonder....

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    ~ something like 2-3000 (check asx website for exact total).

    Lately I would guess around 70% - We are in a bull market.

    2-3000*500 = $1,000,000-$1,500,000 + an awful lot of brokerage.

    Much cheaper to go with an indexed fund.

    ASX 200 = 25%+ for last three years
    Smaller companies is a bit higher I think.

    Having said all that, we are in a bull market.

    Statistaclly + historically this type of investment stratergy returns ~12-13 PA on AVERAGE. (this is based on the asx 200).
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