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    Another of my searches into Aussie stock resulted in finding this little company (my analysis is as always here, this time with some graphs to make it more colourful: http://sog.shopinthemall.com/2007/02...rvest-limited/)

    Now from where I stand this is greatly looking company with excellet earnings growth and buletproof balance sheet.
    Drawbacks? Well perhaps the size of it (market cap only around 50mil on a good day) and maybe the cyclical nature of its market.
    Also for the investor with shorter term in mind the current price levels may be too high and the daily volumes are rather thin.

    Anyone else ever looked at this stock?


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    Yes I looked at them when they were under two dollars...then they got away from me...price wise.The largest shareholder is Hills Industries in Adelaide.Korvest has added at lot of revenue to Hills' balance sheet.I know a bloke who did work for them...at that stage their main work was galvanising metal products.

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    Yeah for $2 that would have been quite a purchase Anyway with their rate of growth even $6 is not all that bad. Just that I dont really like purchasing stock on their 52wks highs or thereabouts.

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