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    I just got my hands on Metastock 10 and i can tell you this package is not worth it at all it is just about the same as version 9 with a few minor enhancements. This is just equis trying to rip more money of you. The RMO system is also nothing good (i wouldn't trade it). The only really new thing is the license system which will enoy the hell out of people but is easily defeated. At the end of the day Equis has made hardly any improvements to there software in a number of years and this so called refresh is just a way for them to make more money with an already aging product.

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    Your right Phoenix, I'm now on my third version, started in 1994 ver 5, then ver 6.1 for year 2000, then ver 9.1 last June. But I like Metastock probably because it hasn't changed too much, just a few more indicators thats all, I'll more than likely upgrade in another 6 years. porkpie

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    I use 7.2 coupled with Tradesim.


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    New license system?

    There are three Cracks already, just that i know of.


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    I had an email from Equis advising that Microsofts new operating system is no good for Metastock, a new Metastock version making it compatible will be available about march/april.porkpie

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    Thatís exactly why I use Bullcharts, at least the upgrades are free and its an Ozzie product. Fantastic product if you are into a bit of system development I also couple this with Tradesim.

    Forum support is a bit lacking though...

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    I upgraded from Metastock 6.52 to Metastock Pro 10 (real-time) recently.
    Except for the (intraday/realtime) features there is very little difference even back to 6.52

    You can "disable" the licence check feature (which I agree is very annoying) by running the "offline" version of Metastock. It still requires you to initially register your version of Metastock with Equis but once that is done you can use Metastock without needing to continually do a licence check:

    C:\Program Files\Equis\MetaStock\MsWin.exe /l /e

    Hope this helps someone.

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