Is anyone aware of the pyramid scheme promoted by Kingsley Ennis,David Ryan and Stuart Wilde.

It involves selling the bark off the French Maritime Pine which has special medicinal powers.Pycnogenol is the stuff.

You sell a batch to someone take 5% and they sell to someone and they take 5% and you 5% too.So the numbers swell and everyone makes a buck.

I listened to the lecture but over the following days cooling off period I decided not to join.This is not the problem.My experience since that time is that these people are SLY and MANIPULATIVE.They TRASH people and pry into their personal lives.They manipulate people into REPEATING my everyday business and finances.

Their aim is to HUSTLE people into agreeing with them.If you disagree then they trash you.

My experience with them is a negative one and I hope the CHARADE is blown wide apart.I turned a blind eye for too long.