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    Default Mandelbrot set for Moneybags

    Hi Moneybags just thought I'd post some links to a site that allows you to explore the mandelbrot set. For anyone wondering Moneybags asked about my avatar in the INL thread...

    The image is generated from a mathematical formula, and exhibits self similar properties, which means that certain things repeat over and over but are never quite the same... It's quite facinating IMO, you can zoom in to an area of the picture and see a new picture, and just keep on zooming and zooming, hours of entertainment

    The first link goes to the top (starting) level which shows the whole mandelbrot set. I put it on grey as I'm colour blind....

    at the top level

    On this next one try clicking the zebra button for a completely differnt view of the same thing

    after zooming in a few times

    edit: if it takes too long just change the size down from 800X800 to 512X512 or smaller


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    Default Re: Mandelbrot set for Moneybags

    Gee thanks Tony.......that is amazing. Very kind of you to post it all up too. I have saved it to my Favs so I can play when my stocks are going nowhere.

    I've got to say that I've never heard of this at all ............just another example of my head in the clouds maybe. I do get accused often of being on another planet by my loved ones.

    Hopefully other ASF members will enjoy this too.......unless it's all old hat and I'm the only one who has never heard of it.

    Once again thanks.......and have a great day.


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    Default Re: Mandelbrot set for Moneybags

    no probs moneybags, I only knew about them because I did a computer graphics elective as part of my Degree... I wrote my program on an amiga 1000 computer, which was very slow by todays standards... that initial image that comes up would have taken about 12 minutes to calculate (we are talking about 1988 here)...

    The web site based one is not bad, but there are also many free programs you can download which are probably faster with more functionality


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