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    Default OPT - Opthea Limited

    Circadian provides management and funding for the development and commercialisation of Australian biomedical research. It has major holdings in Optiscan, Metabolic Pharmaceuticals, and Antisence amongst others. It also maintains an active research and development program.

    For those interested in getting into a biotech, this offers a potentially lower risk (multi project) entry.

    Has come off recent lows and been generally heading up for the past few months, forming a giant cup. Looks set to reach $2.00 - the next level of resistance.

    With biotech becomming more the flavour of the month recently, might see more attention on this.

    Will add in some more detail on their investments soon.


    (not holding)

    (I did have Optiscan a while ago)
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    Default Circadian Technologies presents at Three Tickers Twenty Minutes

    Buchan Consulting is pleased to invite you to our next 'Three Tickers, Twenty Minutes' event on Wednesday 31st August.

    The Australian Healthcare sector continues to mature and yield exciting opportunities for investors. Meet and hear from three biotechnology companies with strong prospects for growth and opportunity in 2011/2012. The event includes special commentary from leading healthcare analysts and presentations from:

    - Cogstate (ASX.CGS)
    - Circadian Technologies (ASX.CIR) and
    - Allied Healthcare (ASX.AHZ)

    To register to attend please email tdonovan@bcg.com.au

    Rialto South Tower
    Level 25, 525 Collins Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

    Time: 5pm - 7pm.
    Date: Wednesday 31st August

    3 x 20 minute presentations commence at 5pm.
    Drinks and appetisers served following the presentations.

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    Default Re: OPT - Opthea Limited

    On December 14th, 2015, Circadian Technologies Limited (CIR) changed its name and ASX code to Opthea Limited (OPT).

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