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    Hi guys, I am aware that any trader with successful ambitions must use good software...I know apps. such as metastock are quite common and highly regarded...tho this software is only as good as the data it uses...newbie Q: are there free sources of EOD data / other data, or is this another outlay on top of the software cost?

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    Hi bigt,

    I don't use metastock so I'm not sure about it. But I do download prices & volume from the ASX daily for free to another program.


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    Smile Re: Market data

    Hi bigt,

    For those just getting into TA, it is a worthwhile exercise
    to check out the free charting programs, like those readily
    available on incrediblecharts.com or investorweb, for example.

    It gives traders a chance to learn, whether TA is really
    suited to their preferred trading style .....

    Free data can also be found, at many of the sites, below:


    have a great day


    P.S. ..... TA software is only ONE tool in the trader's
    toolbox, so don't expect miracles from ANY
    trading software ... that way, we can't blame
    the software, instead of addressing any
    shortcomings in our own trading plan, either ...


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    Many thanks guys, will keep on this road of continuing education, so much to learn..

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    Bigt, I'll tell you where to get EOD data at the cheapest price plus updates all for $55.00 per year, follow this link http://www.cooltrader.com.au. I've used cooldata now for 4 years and will be renewing my subs again in March , you can even get a free trial. It comes in all formats, I am a Metastock & AGET user, and you get to keep the data in asci format so its yours to keep, no black box with this company. Give them a go you won't be dissapointed. porkpie

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    Did you finally get AGET working?

    I'm still having problems getting it to read data.

    Since 888shop seems to gone into cyberspace --any hints would sure be appreciated.

    Does anyone Know what is the "Aget plug-in" for Metastock?


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    Coy, yes the programme runs fine but you need to follow this link http://www.premiumdata.net/support/advancedget.php . Follow the instructions and install the file, it worked for me and I'm no computor expert. porkpie

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