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    Default Getting ASX prices delivered to email inbox

    Hi all,

    I have another one of my silly questions.

    I have a few stocks which i consider investments. Is there a company that deliver the shareprice to your inbox, daily/weekly/monthly?

    Or even better, can set it up so that it sends you an email when your trigger has been hit?

    Im with netwealth and they do nothing of the sort...
    I already have my companys anns coming thru on emaill..
    hoping somebody can help.

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    Default Re: Getting ASX prices delivered to email inbox

    I think Quotetracker can send an alert by email if price is triggered but not sure if it can do it at set times.

    ComSec offer an email alert too, I think Sanford might do as well

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    Default Re: Getting ASX prices delivered to email inbox

    Is quotetracker something that you have to run for it to send out alerts? It looks like it is a downloadable program..

    I am looking for something for free, and something that I dont have to continually update, ie EOD data etc etc

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    Default Re: Getting ASX prices delivered to email inbox

    I think with NAB online trading you can get daily prices emailed to you (for the whole market), but otherwise I don't know.


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