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    Just wondering if anyone knows of a good place in Sydney which can print large sized photos..... by that I mean over 12" x 18"

    I have a panoramic photo I need printed which will probably end up being 36-48 inches wide, but after going to a few regular places (Kodak, Paxtons etc) they cant do it

    Any help would be great!

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    Default Re: Large size photo printing

    I recall seeing Harvey Norman advertising the printing of large photos.

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    Try Big W aswell. Their prices are reasonable. Im not sure if they do the size ure after, but give them a go.

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    Harvey Norman do a wonderful job I have had photos printed there up to A2 and A1. (A4 being your regular office paper, then double it for each A size up) The staff are great, they have Abode applications should you need to adjust and enhance the print at all. Usually all the prints at that size are on Matt paper. You can have a photo printed to a painting canvas at much larger sizes though the cost is quite high.

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