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    Post CM8 - Crowd Mobile

    Check out the sell depth on this

    What do you think ?


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    Default Re: QXQ depth ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby
    Check out the sell depth on this

    What do you think ?

    Just one big boulder in the way Bob at 60c and then...flat, clear ground

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    Default Re: QXQ - Q Limited

    One of the 'Red Hot Stocks' in the latest Smart Investor magazine - see p.34

    Australian web ad spend will this year surpass radio to become the third-largest media segment after newspapers and TV. Q began as a digital printing business and migrated into interactive marketing thorough the recent acquisitions of 3 Dimension Interactive, Project Services and Link Marketing. The company has just replenished its coffers with a $4.7 million issue and its market capitalisation understates its potential
    I was thinking that with talk on this forum (especially in the new biotech thread) of money leaving (the smaller companies) mining sector, in search of the next big profit, will companies like Q Limited benefit?

    I think that if you take a top-down approach and believe strongly that internet ad spending will continue to experience high growth, you can't go without having a closer look at Q.

    What about a technical perspective? Anyone care to comment on sp action? QXQ has been flying of late, up from 2 cents in October to today's close of 5.3 cents.

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    Default QXQ

    Has anyone been following this penny stock?

    Saturday, 17 February 2007 4:49:24 PM

    Aussie Expansion On The Cards as First Rate Sold To Q Limited

    Jon Ostler
    By Martin Kelly, Editor, Search Engine Room

    THE rapid growth of NZ Search, Performance and Email Marketing company First Rate is set to continue with Australia the major expansion priority following its sale to ASX-listed minnow Q Limited.

    First Rate fetched an initial $A2.32 million cash plus incentives up to 2009 in a deal that marks the emergence of Q Limited as the latest mover in the race to acquire digital marketing assets (think BlueFreeway).

    It also gives First Rate’s “angel investor” Sparkbox an ideal exit opportunity and provides the company with a powerful Australian network via the Q Limited Board, which counts former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett as a director, and sister companies such as 3 Dimension Interactive.

    Founder and Managing Director, Jon Ostler, will stay with the company and commented tonge-in-cheek: “I am very satisfied that the masterplan actually eventuated.”

    But there is still a long way to go, he said, emphasizing that was simply the next step in the evolution of First Rate.

    “We have been growing at 100% a year for the past six years I believe that revenue will continue growing at that rate for the next few years,” Ostler said.

    First Rate’s Revenue for the 12 months to October, 2006, was NZ$3.4 million.

    It has 20 employees and offices in Auckland and Sydney.

    Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search and Performance Marketing are First Rate’s major business streams.

    In addition, the company operates an ad network plus a proprietary campaign and website conversion measurement system.

    “We also do a lot of digital strategy work with larger clients as well which seems to be where a lot of SEM’s have gone.

    “I think that’s because we are working so closely with the numbers – than say a display agency does – so we can get down to the nitty-gritty.”

    Melbourne-based Q Limited also owns 3 Dimension Interactive, Project Services Australia and QDi Direct Press. First Rate will now share premises with 3 Dimension Interactive in Sydney.

    Negotiations took around six months and were initiated by Mark Halstead, the founder of 3 Dimension Interactive and a board member of Q Limited.

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    Default Re: QXQ - Q Limited

    ANZ had a big chunk of this via Opes Prime. I think they have ditched most, perhaps all. Anyway ANZ ane no longer a significant shareholder so they are below 5%.

    Which made me think it should start looking up. 2.6cents looked like a support level some time ago, it should get back to that - well maybe.

    Anyway, its the only stock that I have MILLIONS of shares in. It makes me feel good even if they are a penny dreadful!
    In the market place there is money, but under the cherry tree there is rest and peace.

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    Default Re: QXQ - Q Limited

    What do people think of Q limited?

    QXQ appears to be trading a very low P/E ratios, in a growth industry and finally starting to make money. Also its earn-out periods have finished and paid by the equity raising, but it still is underperforming?

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    Default Re: QXQ - Q Limited

    I used to have this stock. During that time I received extensive correspondence from a major and aggrieved shareholder. Basically he was questioning the strategy of the incumbent board, and raised governance issues.

    From memory, one was why the company secretary, working part-time, and a close relative of a senior board member, was being paid what seemed to be a disproportionately high salary.
    Another issue was a consulting firm which was paid substantial fees when a QXQ board member had a major shareholding in that firm.

    There were other issues as well.

    Of course this was one side of a difference of opinion, however the board did not make a good job of defending nor explaining its decisions. I guess they did not have to. Nevertheless I formed the opinion that the existing board was unlikely to steer QXQ to great hights, and sold out.
    In the market place there is money, but under the cherry tree there is rest and peace.

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    Default Re: CM8 - Crowd Mobile

    On January 19th, 2015, Q Limited (QXQ) changed its name and ASX code to Crowd Mobile Limited (CM8).

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    Default Re: CM8 - Crowd Mobile

    We caught up with Domenic Carosa, CEO of Crowd Mobile (CM8) directly after their half year 2016 results. We discuss the result, the underlying business, the Track acquisition, the growth in its subscription revenue streams and the catalysts for the stock for 2016, including expansion into Asia & South America.

    Click below to watch:

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    Default CM8 crowdmobile + Viacom = nothing to get excited about

    Crowd Mobile's announcement released this morning, might get some shareholders excited but in reality, The licensing of Viacom brand names is hardly exclusive and any revenue will depend on crowd Mobile having avenues of free exposure, something that they are having trouble with at the moment.
    Most of the companies traffic is bought or entrapped traffic and their income model is more than less a arbitrage model, where they hope to make more from a customer than what they paid to get that customer.
    Viacom itself is a struggling company, down over 36% for the year and well down from their all time high of $80 a share.

    Crowd Mobile's biggest focus should be, in my opinion, to make their existing income model sustainable.
    Their Annual report and their overloaded debt and their struggle to raise money, suggests that it's not working at the moment.
    Developing low tier celeb apps, with no avenues of free exposure seems a distraction to me

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    Default CM8- The scam of self promotional research reports

    Crowdmobile, in their desperation to get their spp fully subscribed have paid a US consulting firm $65,000 to do a research report.
    Now this RM consulting group are not a registered member of Finra, nor is a registered broker or dealer, but is primarily used by struggling small cap companies to lift their profile. in other words appeal to retail investors.
    this company has no expertise in CrowdMobile's industry but they talk it up like they are experts.
    When a company pays for self promotion, your best bet is to be very very wary.

    All in my opinion of course!

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    Default Re: CM8 - Crowd Mobile

    Added CM8 to a watch list a couple of weeks ago, cant remember why...must have a decent look.
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    Default Re: CM8 - Crowd Mobile

    Quote Originally Posted by So_Cynical View Post
    Added CM8 to a watch list a couple of weeks ago, cant remember why...must have a decent look.
    Start with their financials the covenants surrounding their debts.
    Then their modus operandi of their subscription model.
    A look into the history of the CEO's former company would be advisable as well.

    Love your name by the way. It's how I feel.

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    Default Re: CM8 - Crowd Mobile Capital Raise Fail

    CrowdMobile tried to raise 1.5 million from it's shareholders by offering 9,600,000 shares @16 cents each.
    Only 640,000 were applied for.
    Underwriters (the directors)are committed to take 3.1 million which must be a shock to their system.

    The raising of only 600K must put them perilously close to breaching their convertible note covenants of having $3 million cash in the kitty at all times.

    Interesting times ahead!
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