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    Share trading at 31.5c

    Warrant (ex. @ 8c) can be bought for 20c...expires in 09...is this a good deal or am I missing something?

    Not a huge profit, but one nonetheless? Apologies if my derivatives knowledge is not up to scratch.

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    1) What security are we talking???

    2) Is the euro or american? I presume euro, otherwise there would be an arbitrage op here.......

    3) Is it a barrier warrant???

    Unless there is a bloody good reason or a mix up, warrants normally trade at a premium to intrinsic value because they have embedded time value.


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    Default Re: Warrants - good deal?


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    Of course....... forgot to ask the most obvious question...... HAHAHA!!!!


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    Lost me there guys...ratio? Euro/American? I need to read up more. This is a warrant for an ASX listed company (miner)...I thought they were just like options, just with a longer expiry date. The quote is just a standard detailed one, lists the buy price, excercise price and expiry date. Any suggestionss where the ratio is detailed?

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    The ASX site www.asx.com.au/investor/warrants/index.htm has some good information on the basics of warrants that should answer most of your questions.

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    Thanks dubious...I have read the prospectus aswell, which states the listed warrant entitles the holder to one share in the compay at 8c. There is no mention of american / euro etc in the prospectus. Will keep checking this one out, may be an arbitrage opp as stated before.

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