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    Default Price sensitive announcement software

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to the forum and I thought I would share a bit of software I wrote in my spare time.

    I started trading about 3 months ago, and since my knowledge is fairly limited - I've been scalping, and trading on news. One thing I've learnt, especially with the smaller stocks, is that 5 minutes can make the difference between a 10% gain, and a 30% gain!

    I was tired of updating the news page on ASX....so I wrote a little application that scraps a website looking for Price sensative annoucements. When there is an annoucement, the little icon that sits in your tray becomes red, it pops up (well sometimes), and plays a sound.

    looks like this:

    You can download it ->HERE<-

    I wrote it in a day, so its not perfect! And if you have any bugs, or suggested improvements, I'm more than happy to hear them, you can email me @

    Some things to note about the program:

    To install, just extract the file into a folder, and run PSATray.exe

    1. You need the Microsoft .NET framwork to run it, you might already have it installed, if not --> http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...displaylang=en

    2. The annoucement only shows 20 or so characters - this is because the page im scrapping is very small! I could scrape a much larger page, but you would be downloading 300kb everytime, compare to only 7kb.

    3. The program will only check stocks that you tell it too. The stocks that I have chosen to be checked agaisnt are mining and energy stocks. These stocks are stored in an XML file in the root directory. If you want to check other stocks for Price sensative annoucements... http://fivefalcons.com/up/ASXListedCompanies.csv download a copy of the listed companies, sort by type....and insert them into the xml file in the following format


    4. Some settings are configurable, these settings can be changed in the PSATray.exe.config file.

    key="MiningXMLFile" will change the XML file that you are loading from
    key="PollingInterval" will change the frequency that the program checks for these annoucements....the default is '60' which is in seconds. You can check every 10 seconds if you like, it isn't that resoucre hungry.
    DaysToRun, starthour and end hour - are the hours an days that the program will check for annoucements....outside these hours the program will sit there and do nothing.....so if your PC is always on, you can just leave it there running all the time.

    As I said, I'm open to improvements and suggestions. I can easily add features, for example..... the abilty to have the program send an email to a group of people when there is an annoucement.

    Anyways, I think thats about all. I might add to this if people have more questions.

    Have fun!

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    Default Re: Price sensitive announcement software

    Downloaded + playing with

    All I'd suggest to make it easier on others is an addon that lets you just type in codes seperated by commas

    e.g. AAE,BHP,CBA,ZYX

    To add the stocks they want. It could get painstaking making your watchlist otherwise. Maybe also pre-made 'ASX200', ASX50, etc lists.

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    Default Re: Price sensitive announcement software

    Hi Falcon, good stuff! Will have a play.

    I have been toying with a similar idea - I was interested in market-sensitive ann's, and what happened in the 2 minutes after they were released - ie - have the program only alert me of stocks which increased say > 5% within 2 min of after a news alert. (Or whatever rules you feed it, say > 20% avg vol)

    Never got round to it, it came down to having to screen-scrape asx / comsec for the exclamation mark besides the news item to signify market sensitivity. (I couldn't find any free rss feeds which included the sensitivity as an attribute).


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