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    Default Hi there, new member!!! Need advice!

    Hi there,

    My names Joe, I'm 46 years of age and have been studying the Australian Stock exchange for around 8-10 years, and I have seen good stocks come and go...

    I really didn't have time to invest due to the fact I was working constantly, as I learnt by losing on Mining Shares, I have made gains during my years on the stock exchange, but still I'm not happy with my dealings, is there possibilities that I can invest my money effectively on shares..?

    Also the rumors and discussions of the Hype for certain shares eg:Mining shares, I know its all risk but there has to be an easy solution on studying certain shares...

    Is there any web-sites that have the top-profitable/worst shares listed, I have been reading through a subscription with FINANCIAL REVIEW - SMART INVESTOR...

    Please Let me know...


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    Default Re: Hi there, new member!!! Need advice!

    Hi Joe and welcome to asf.

    There is always going to be some risk within any investment and shares have a reputation as being a little riskier then many other investments. And the answer to your question is that shares can have fantastic returns if you are sensible about investing.

    If you are looking for good shares in the sharemarket my approach is to identify megatrends facing the world or australia (such as the rise of china) then identifying the sectors and best shares within them that will benefits from the megatrend. Of course there are many other approaches to analysing shares and you need to do the research to find what is good for you.

    As for sites giving information on shares i have found ninemsn is useful for statistics on valuations, risk and forward earnings, all for free.

    If your approach is to simply buy shares recommended by people/organisations you may get yourself into trouble. This can be a useful way to identify good shares but always do your own research on a share before you buy it. That way you take responsibility for your share purchases and i find you learn alot more in the process.

    good luck


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    Default Re: Hi there, new member!!! Need advice!

    Thanks Bill,

    Very helpful and well said... I always take a process to do extra research about a company in terms of investing, as I have learnt of the past where I would get advice from friends and just dip in...

    Anyway I guess you learn by your mistakes...

    Take care, Bill...


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    Default Re: Hi there, new member!!! Need advice!

    Quote Originally Posted by paceman_03
    Thanks Bill,

    Anyway I guess you learn by your mistakes...

    Take care, Bill...

    Hi paceman 03.....I see your post as contradictory and for someone who has been studying the stock exchange for ten years, I.M.O., makes your questions silly.

    Some people don't learn from their mistakes. Billhills advice is in the money. Heed well.

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