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    Default ASX top 500 list

    Hi all

    Is the ASX top 500 list published anywhere?

    How often is it updated?

    ok thanks

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    Default Re: ASX top 500 list

    thanks ice, its all there, however they order the comapnies on the list alphabetically, are there any other versions out there that you know of that order the companies on the list according to their 1-500 ranking?


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    Default Re: ASX top 500 list

    the reason I ask is because Etrade can not tell me which copanies they offer CFDs for except that they offer it for the top 500, here is an excerpt from their emial to me:

    Rates are subject to change without notice and can be monitored in Power E*TRADE and at time of order placement.

    Stock Ranking Margin Rate
    Top 20 5%
    21 - 100 10%
    101 - 150 15%
    151 - 200 20%
    201 - 300 35%
    301 - 500 35% - 80%

    hence i want to find the list ranked according to the numeric order, i understand the list changes, hence ANZs cagey response, but i just want an idea at this stage

    bye all

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