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    Posting on a board that is. Have been investing for quiet a while, but I am about to start a life of leisure and thought a bulliten board would be of assistance. Looks like this will be the forum as our security people failed the other boards. I will not post that often until I get the hang of things.

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    Welcome Alpaca . This board has so far managed to keep the time wasters off this site . Most people appear to be genuine in their comments and some good advice is to be had .Feel comfortable in asking question, you won't have your head bitten off. We are all here to help each other . Regards KOOKA

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    Hi, I too am new but I have been watching and looking for about 1 week before this first posting. I feel comfortable on this site and am looking forward to sharing and learning with you all. I have just started playing with stocks in the last 6 months and finding it quite exciting and fun.......hopefully stays like that.



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    Hi back to you both,

    Alpaca, are alpacas part of your life of leisure? Sounds like a lively leisured life, but maybe you can advise us on textiles stocks

    tmallie, quite a few of us here are new to stocks. Let's hope we all continue to have fun with them.


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    Smile Re: Hi, Im new to this.

    Thankyou Kooka1956, Tmallie and ghotib for the welcome. Alpacas will be a part of my new life, (as soon as I can sell here in Sydney we will be looking for a property. We don't have much money, (the dreaded divorces), but we will have fun.

    I look forward to discussing some stocks in the near future. My investment style to date has been "longterm hold", but that will have to change if I am to supplement my income with trading, as will the types of companies I have previously invested in.


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