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    Post PIH - Prime Infrastructure Group

    Hi Guys,

    Prime Infrastructure Group (PIF) went from 1.32 to 1.15 yesterday.

    Anybody know why?

    Joe, thanks for a great site.


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    Default Re: What's happened to PIF?

    You probably figured it out by now, but anyway:

    Prime Infrastructure Group (PIF AU), operator of Australia's second-biggest coal-export terminal, sank 17 cents, or 13 percent, to A$1.15. The Queensland Competition Authority proposed a reduction in the price Prime can charge for handling coal at the Dalrymple Bay terminal in Queensland to A$1.53 per metric ton from A$2.08 a ton, the Brisbane-based company said in a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange. Prime initially sought a 33 percent increase in the charge to A$2.77 a ton.
    Happy trading


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    Default Re: What's happened to PIF?

    Quote Originally Posted by eljay
    Joe, thanks for a great site.
    Thank you for your kind words Eljay!

    It pleases me no end to know that people are finding Aussie Stock Forums useful and are enjoying their time here.

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    Red face Re: What's happened to PIF?


    Thanks for reply. You're right, I did figure it out (with a little help from google). I hold 33,000 shares and went from profit to loss in one day.
    A bit of a shock, but I'll hang in there.


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    Question PIF

    Does anyone have any comments, no, not advice, regarding the currently available non-renounceable issue of 5.5 for 1 at $1.35 per share?


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    Question Re: PIF

    What is PIF all about? What is Julia asking about?


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    Default Re: PIF

    Hmmm, I really don't understand women...

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    Default Re: PIF

    Looks like a good opportunity to pick up a few more shares.

    PIF is currently trading at around $1.65.


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