Hi Guys n Girls,

Just wanted to introduce myself and say gday. I have been one of those behind the scenes people who regulary log on and browse the threads looking for information. Just wanted to say thanks as many of you have been a big help so far.
I have never invested in shares or options.... yet, but have been constantly reading books and info, a few books recommend by some of you too which i have found incredibly helpfull.
I am planning on taking the plunge later this year but i still have more to learn.
I've been trying to educate myself ever since i was introduced to a blackbox system worth thousands (very nearly bought it too) but decided that the money would be better spent in the long term educating myself instead of investing in software to do the work for me. a year later and i'm still reading!!!
Anyway that was what got me interested in the whole thing, gotta admit now i am stoked i was sent that big glossy brochure!!

Anyways just thought i would just post a hello and say thanks for the advice so far.