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    I have finally decided to become more 'active' with my share investing (rather than just relying on managed funds). One question I would like answered before I start is....What is the best method of keeping records of my transactions (costs, purchases, sales, profits, losses etc etc)?

    Are there any standard templates/spreadsheets available that I could use (as a guide) to keep track of my activities. Does commsec have a back office where you can record this info?

    Many Thanks

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    When ever i make a trade, Comsec will email me a pdf document which summerises everything. So i keep a hard and soft copy of both. Its pretty much all the information you will need.

    Comsec, also has its own portfolio to keep track etc to.

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    Hi Mika

    I keep all my records that I need for tax purposes in a spreadsheet.

    If you know how to use Excel and you understand your tax situation it shouldn't be too difficult to set up your own spreadsheet.

    My spreadsheet does all my tax calculations. Come early July, I simply print it out and hand it over to my accountant along with whatever else he needs.

    The spreadsheet allows me to see what my tax liability is at any time - plus it makes my accountant's life a lot easier.

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    Have a look at Stator, its a Ozzie product and does position sizing, stop loss management and system analysis. Of course captures transaction costs and daily profit/loss.


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    I use spreadsheets. I've trialled Stator and OTrader, and I preferred the latter.

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    Also, if just long stocks or just buying options, you could use Quicken Personal Plus. Not sure if ShareAnalyser or whatever it's called manages your portfolio.

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    What information should be recorded for accounting purposes?
    i.e. brokerage costs, cost of shares, gain/loss, interest expenses.......anything else??

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    There is a ton of info, including pdf forms for CGT events and other pdf booklets that explain everything you need for the tax man come that time of year at http://www.ato.gov.au

    good luck

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    I'm an accountant. You don't know how frustrating it is when clients keep poor records. Anyway, a simple excel spreadsheet will do the job.

    I can't seem to attach files here. You can send me a private msg with your email address. I will send an xls file with an example of how the workpaper should be formatted.

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    ..... just ask ATO to send you a copy of their simple
    spreadsheet on CD, called E-Record ... works a treat
    and also calculates GST figures, for those who need it ...

    happy days


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mika
    What information should be recorded for accounting purposes?
    i.e. brokerage costs, cost of shares, gain/loss, interest expenses.......anything else??
    All of the information items you mentioned above except interest expenses can be derived from COMSEC's Contract Notes Summary list that you can get to with menu path ... Positions Statemets>Confirmations>Search. You download the summary list to a Xcel spreadsheet then with a bit of Xcel skill you should be able to derive the info required at tax time. No need to keep a separate record keeping since you are a COMSEC online trader already (I assume from your mentioning of Comsec earlier).

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    You can try out Manage Invest. It's also an Australian product. Although it's not out yet but you can register to receive the beta version of it for free, in which case you'll actually even get the final product for free after the beta.

    You can find it at www.manageinvest.com

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    No need to keep a separate record keeping since you are a COMSEC online trader already
    Except for dividends, capital returns stock splits, takeovers etc. If you want to claim expenses then you need to record them as well.

    Also you will probably want better statistics on closed trades then Comsec can give you, even if it's for your own knowledge.

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