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    Hi folks,

    TDR ... up 23% today on no apparent
    news yet and good volume, so it looks like
    some early birds getting set, ahead of a
    two positive cycles expected, over the
    next week:

    03012007 ... minor and positive

    05-10012007 ... expecting significant news
    to trigger a BIG rally.

    12012007 ... positive cycle - finances?

    19-22012007 ... minor and positive news

    30012007 ... 2 cycles here, should be
    strong here.

    05022007 ... negative - finances??

    09-12022007 ... negative news expected .

    Cup and handle formation, currently showing
    in TDR chart, too .....

    Expect another similar spike, later in the
    year for TDR, around 01-14082007.

    More later.

    happy days


    P.S. ..... holding TDR.


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    Smile Re: TDR - Toodyay Resources

    Hi folks,

    TDR ..... on the move, though no news as yet .....

    As per post above, expect positive news later this week
    ..... if so, TDR should remain positive, throughout this

    STI is showing similar signs, which is not so
    extraordinary, as they both share the same
    signature time cycles.

    have a great day


    P.S. ..... holding both TDR and STI

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    Default Re: TDR - Toodyay Resources

    Couldn't help noticing the rise in price and volume in TDR on Thursday, and it finished on a high. Does anybody know anything about this stock?

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