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    hi all,

    A little while ago i was searching high and low for somewhere I could get ASX quotes in the form of an RSS feed that I could use in my news program. Something like this would be really useful for me and a few people I know said the same thing.

    When this search turned up nothing I decided just to make my own
    Its still a little unpolished at the moment but if anyone wants to try it out and give me some feedback it'd be great. The website to setup a feed is:

    Hope others find it useful.

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    Default Re: RSS feed of ASX quotes

    hey noisy
    setting up a blog and using some widgets in wordpress sidebar..
    Trying to use ur feed now but getting a few errors when using on here for example.


    btw - how did you make it?
    barnz2k's random blog
    ASX needs to HTFU!

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    Default Re: RSS feed of ASX quotes

    Hi barnz2k

    I tried plugging in a URL from my feed generator to that widget and it seemed to work ok. The widget displayed the name of the company in question and if I hover the mouse over this it displays the current value and up/down position. Is this the behaviour you were expecting?
    The URL I used in the widget was http://noisymime.org/asx/s.php?code[]=SGB

    The feed isn't that intelligent. Its written in php and simply takes the ASX codes from the URL and looks up a value for them. Its got some smarts in it to cache quotes for increased speed etc, but values are still only accurate to about 30-45 minutes.

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    Default Re: RSS feed of ASX quotes

    I'm still building my site so im playing with different feeds n widgets etc - 1 of them worked fine but others had glitches, mostly that it would only load 1 or 2 of the list of stocks id entered in the quote.
    Probably an error more to do with the reader itself.

    btw - noticed you are using wordpress haha me too.

    Wish I could just convert Yahoo Widgets into html ones to chuck em in.
    I had the wordpress sidebar widget plugin but it was buggy so i ditched it.

    The one that did work was fine, hover showed price etc. Cool just not the result I was expecting.

    Theres a yahoo stock widget for desktop but it shows in USD.
    barnz2k's random blog
    ASX needs to HTFU!

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