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    Speculative Buy below 50 cents is the call on Westpac broking.

    BTC is one of Australia's pure biotechnology investment funds. It offers retail investors exposure to a diversified portfolio of unlisted opportunities and listed companies. The big appreciation in value of R&D companies that occurs before and at the time of listing is generally not available to retail investors. Listed investee companies include Alchemia, Starpharma, Clinical Cell Culture, Prima Biomed and Phylogica. BTC is high risk, but could generate well-above average returns. Shareholders need to take a medium to long-term view.

    The vast majority of investors will lose money in the biotech sector if they invest directly. BTC management has industry expertise and a wide information network that along with its ability to tap into unlisted companies provide it with a much better chance of generating attractive returns

    Any opinions...

    I like companies that give a lot of exposure.

    Love ARGO investments that basically investments in the top companies...

    Dont know a heap about BTC but would be keen to find out more.

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    Are they likely to have a dividend? How old is this stock?

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    done some research.

    Dividend policy unsure of.

    My thinking is also that if one of the companies that BTC invests in is the next big Biotech then chances are your a winner, as BTC will be a substancial holder, with the funds it invests now.

    I also think BTC has not got much further to fall, as biotechs are undervalued and out of favour.

    either way this is my long term stock that i hold for 20 + years. I am treating it like that rather than a specy, as it would appear its investing in the small end of the biotechs which i believe will grow.

    Westpac broking has 18 month price target which is a positive

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    At the start of last week i set up a custom porfolio with all of BTC's holdings on my westpac broking account.

    I just wanted to see whether the gains or losses of BTC's portfolio were being reflected in BTC's actual share price.

    BTC's porfolio of shares gained 4.46% with the main stocks performing well:

    CCE holdings gaining 20%
    ACL gaining 9%.

    It would appear this has been reflected in the share price with BTC also gaining.

    BTC starting the week at .40 and closing and finishing at .415

    With buyers at .42 and sellers at .425

    I will be following this closely. I dont think BTC will be a mirror of its share portfolio performance, but its a very easy way to see how the company is performing, even on a daily basis.

    Just a thought....

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    Hit 44 cents today. market depth looks to have swung in favour of holders.

    Some big support around 40 cents. The company's porfolio is now over 8% up since I started tracking it and this has been reflected in the share price rising 8-10%.

    I would be looking for weakness in BTC share price when its portfolio heads north with companies such as CCE and ACL gaining.

    Its a long term hold for me, no one else seems interested but I like the theory of being able to have exposure to more than one biotech company, reduces risk, and returns are still potentially good long term if sentiment to the sector becomes favourable.

    Who knows how things pan out, but if CCE cracks the big time, it will not only be CCE shareholders punching the air but BTC that has 26 million shares in them.

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    Was just looking through the paper today, dividend yield of 114%? Surely this company is doing something ok but share price seems to disagree. Will have to look more into this company as im very light on in the Pharmaceuticals/Biotech sector. I also learnt from experience that i shouldnt buy shares based on Div % yield.

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