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    I and my friend have just decided to go for one week trip on Monday 25. We have a car & live in Sydney. We do not have any preferences to what direction we want to go. We like trekking, diving, mountain biking & fishing.
    Could anybody help us with some suggestions?
    Many thanks for any reply.

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    North - Myall Lakes/Hawks Nest/Port Stephens

    West - Blue Mountains

    both have trekking, fishing, and plenty of other recreational activities!

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    Not from Syd myself, but Seal rocks (about 3 hours North on the coast) is very cute if you make it that far. The Pittwater is nice too, but you really need a boat to explore properly.
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    If your after cool weather the Southern Highlands -- Mittagong, Bowral, Berrima, Moss Vale, you could spend a couple of days (2 days inc trav) then onto Goulburn and down the coast to Batemans Bay for a day (2 days inc trav) then a slow trip back up the coast road to Sydney for 3 days, Sholehaven, Nowra, Shell-Harbour, Kiama and the coast road from Wollongong through the coastal villages.

    Bass Point at Shell Harbour is both good diving/fishing, Batemans Bay (Boating) and a good RSL club.

    Bowral has some great coffee shops, Berrima a tourist place (shopping, trinkets etc), Mittagong and Moss Vale both have fair RSL clubs and not much else.

    Suitable for the 40 plus age group.

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