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    Default ASX Christmas break

    Dunno whether this simple question deserves its own thread.

    So which days does the market take xmas and new year holidays on?

    bye all

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    Default Re: ASX christmas break

    The market will trade regular hours on both the 27th and 28th of December. Then on the 29th it will close again at 2pm AEDST.

    The next trading day will be the 2nd of January.

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    Default Re: ASX Christmas break

    thanks gorilla

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    Default Re: ASX Christmas break

    Could it just be a larger case of weekend syndrome?

    I have noticed that many stocks open well on monday, perhaps a lot of traders are simply refreshed on monday or they have had time to reflect on a particular stock or the 2 day break has been unbearable and they cant wait to jump into that stock that is just going to explode any minute. Perhaps xmas is the same simply because of the extra days of break.

    Now post xmas it seems that just about every stock im watching is experiencing a voluntary trading halt. Many of them have yet to make 5 trades, if not their first and its 10.30am!!

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