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    Default ASX closing time today

    I believe that the ASX will close earlier today - Friday Dec 22

    Can someone please advise closing time

    Thanks K for the help
    DYOR, I am not a financial advisor

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    Default Re: ASX closing time today

    Closes at 2pm

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    Default Re: ASX closing time today

    Dude, goto the ASX website - Trading hours on 22 December and 29 December for Australian Stock Exchange traded securities will be from 10am-2pm EDST

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    Default Re: ASX closing time today

    Quote Originally Posted by noobs
    Closes at 2pm
    Thanks guys. Early beers? Although, I'm in a sea of red at the moment. I'll be drowing myself in that beer.

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    Default Re: ASX closing time today

    12:00 Perth time, would be 11:00 if it wasn't for that bloody DLS!

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