Has anyone ever been a victim of this little beauty!.

Basically it entails the relevant gov't authority putting a garnish order on your bank accounts. There is no notice to you whatsoever or a need for the relevant authority to get a Court Order and a chance for you to put forward youre arguement.

Try using your cards, netbank etc, boom their closed. A garnish order is on them and their totally milked dry until the money the Gov't is chasing is paid in full. Only then can you use your'e account again. The banks willingly oblige and hand over all your details, including access to youre on screen transactions.

So is youre money safe in the banks and are youre personal details private, Nope!.

If youre going to diddle or refute a government dept over a debt, think about were youre cash is, or move it to an account not linked directly to youre name.

I have had a dispute with a government dept for some time. I have a few bank accounts but only one in my personal name that I rarely use. On Tuesday I made the tragic mistake of transferring significant funds into it at 3.30pm. At 5.00pm I was in a shopping centre Isle with xmas gifts and boom, the card was rejected. I then rang up telephone bank services, who told me the account had a stop on it.I zoomed home and the Netbank linked to the account was blank with a little message saying 'no profiles linked to this account'.

So Big Brother does watch us and are quick to act when we slip up!.