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    Hi all.
    Just wondering what other people opinion is on
    Panaegis Gold Mines -PAU-
    Brought 25,000 shares at .20cents each on prospectus on the 16-06-06 on stock brockers advice. By mid August the share price went down to about
    .09cents each. Going up steadily since. It closed on Monday 18-12-06 at
    .20 cents. No drastic announcement for quite some time.
    On a technical analysis point of view when would be the best time to sell this stock? (if you can be bothered to look at the chart)
    Many thanks in advance.

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    I browsed through the prospectus for IPO, but I didn't buy b'coz the tenements doesn't appear promising enough to me. When the sp plummeted I got in PAU @ 10c & sold all @ 15c. Now the sp still flies, I am missing out a bit. But it's just all about risk management. Personally, I think holding exploration juniors in 2007 would be riskier than in 2006.

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