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    Default 7 Winning Traits of Traders

    Hi all!

    A friend of mine passed this interesting article to me and I thought I
    would share this with everyone here.



    Glenn Martin

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    Default Re: 7 Winning Traits of Traders

    Yeah its a really good read... I think everyone people should read this... I particularly like the end because it says something I've always said about everything which is always have something better to do...

    You have many aspects of your life and they all need attention and development (the order of priority is up to

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    Smile Re: 7 Winning Traits of Traders

    Nice artcle gmartin1215

    Here is another one for the list, Indomitable. This trait is worthy of mention and cultivation because it will get you out of almost any potentially bad situation in life. Sure it gets uncomfortable at times but at least you will remain free.


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    Default Re: 7 Winning Traits of Traders

    A great article - thanks for the link, Glenn.

    Of great interest is the FIRST characteristic mentioned; humility, and in particular discussion of the damage your ego can do to your trading.

    Very topical at the moment with the ego wars in various threads on ASF at the moment.
    The above post is entirely fictional and any resemblance to any stock living or dead is purely coincidental.
    Michael D

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