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    Does anyone buy their pets a Christmas present? If yes... what are they getting this year?

    We don't buy them gifts but they do get to eat their fav. food... prawns and raw chicken breast!

    I think they deserve to be spoilt as well... they are part of the family

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    I find my dog goes "Wacko for Schmackos"!!
    Everything you know is wrong

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    Love the cute ads for Schmackos

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    1. usually a new toy the little bitch is spoilt rotten anyway. main reason it keeps her away from the chocolates that the rest of the family seem to give to each other.
    2. http://www.rspca.org.au/shop/shopping.asp i notice rspca have things - profits go to a good cause etc
    3. btw, there's another way to look at this ...
    "pets and xmas" - so many unwanted puppies in the early months of the year. - worth checking that the person to whom you're giving the puppy is mature enough and committed to looking after it

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    My partner and I will be looking after my exes dog a Shih Tzu . He is so spoilt, but as
    sweet as a button.
    It is amazing how he loves NO NAME (when we pretend to eat them) meaty rings, where is at home he sticks his nose up at
    MY DOG...I train him well.
    He will be getting fresh veg, along with some meat and plenty of exercise and kisses.

    There are supermarkets that have donation bins for Xmas, please.. please, even if you buy
    just a cheap can of food....give something. My cheeky boy will help.

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    Well, one of the cats (we have two) won't eat turkey but the other one will get some complete with stuffing. Likes roast vegetables too and of course likes the cream from the christmas pudding.

    The other one is probably hoping I'll go running around the backyard and catch a fresh bird (since the cat has long ago lost interest in hunting) but I won't be doing that. So it can have the usual fresh meat instead of turkey.

    Fish won't be getting anything apart from a water change on Boxing day (when it's due anyway) and maybe a tank clean too. They did get a nice new light tube on Christmas Day two years ago when the old one thought it would join in the Christmas light display and start flashing on and off. The fish didn't seem to like the tank being turned into a disco...

    As for the rat, I haven't really thought about that one. As long as it doesn't involve me waking up with it sitting on the pillow with its front paws on my nose again it can have whatever it wants.

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    My German Shepherd will get some turkey.

    On Christmas Day when we go for a walk she wears furry red and white antlers which she doesn't mind at all and which bring lots of smiles from everyone who sees her.

    I hope as many people as possible will remember the RSPCA at Christmas.
    They have such a sad time when so many uncaring families will dump their pets there rather than pay for boarding kennels.

    Non-animal lovers simply cannot understand the relationship which is possible between humans and their pets, especially dogs.


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    Thats great Julia , i reckon the kid's would love that ! We have 2 purebred staffys and although they wont be in costume they will enjoy some pigs ears and i will probably cook them up some lamb shanks for the xmas , not to mention the rest of the spoils they'll get after xmas dinner.

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    I really like the idea of encouraging each other to donate food and goodies to the RSPCA and the supermarket collections Not everyone loves their little babies as much as we do, they deserve some love too.

    Did you know the RSPCA has a volunteer program which is just about providing the animals with love?

    Smurf1976...one is probably hoping I'll go running around the backyard and catch a fresh bird ....made me laugh, I could just imagine it

    Julia.... love animals dressed up for Christmas, they look so cute and seem to love all the attention!

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    Our pets (1 dog, 1 cat) get extra at dinner time & presents (although I think the GF enjoys the presents more than the pets, especially the clothes that make them look ridiculous).
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNYEq-MJgSM = Rod McKuen- A Cat Named Sloopy
    Personally I hate cats - but I guess i like Mckuen more to have posted this. - sad ending folks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mofra
    Our pets (1 dog, 1 cat) get extra at dinner time & presents (although I think the GF enjoys the presents more than the pets, especially the clothes that make them look ridiculous).
    Ha ha ... photos please

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