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    Default Finished School. Where to learn?

    University, Tafe, Finisia? My goal is to open my own hedge fund down the track.

    In my opinion the education wont be the problem as I'm really passionate about trading - reading a ridiculous amount of books for an adolescent(As we speak finishing livermore how to trade in stocks).

    I actively speculate US and ASX markets and have been mentored for almost one and a half years by a full-time trader.

    What do you guys think my best options are? Stock Broker(through tafe), Economics and Finance @ RMIT 4 year course, Finisia,,, I think what I'll also do is try get some work experience in trading rooms or pitts(do we have anything worth mentioning here in melbourne?)

    Rest assured I'm not looking to fast forward education, its just that I'm able to learn it at my own pace enjoyably and can always ask knowledgable people.

    Thanks in advance for advice

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    Default Re: Finished School. Where to learn?

    If university cathes your fancy and you can handle extra load, work and part time educate yourself.

    If you are extra capable, there are summer session subjects and in total, you can do up to 75% of full time course, if speeding up education is your fancy.

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