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    Portland (PLD) is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of a range of reconstructive orthopaedic devices, predominantly joint replacement systems such as hips and knees. Their products are sold in US, Australia, Belgium and Israel. Portland has established its own distribution network in the US and is preparing to launch into the Japanese and European orthopaedics markets. The business model focuses on the revision market.

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    With Australian and American populations aging rapidly.. Aside from this shareholders may get a discount on new hips!

    Purchased at 0.41c.

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    The business model focuses on the revision market.
    What exactly is the *revision* market?

    While I had a little nose around their Annual Report.
    They only listed this year, so an IPO and potentially speculative. Some of their highlights..................

    Revenue; falls 28%
    Travel & Entertainment expense 13.9% of Revenue [nice!]
    Directors & Executive Pay = 44% of Revenues

    Net Profit = [-$2,911,182] in 2006 and losses in 2005
    Cash provided by ......oh, Capital Raising, selling Equity.
    Total accumulated losses = [-$14,532,455]
    This Company is destroying shareholder wealth at a fair old clip.
    We won't even bother calculating the destruction of value through the issuence of Management Options

    Intangible assets = 26% of Total Assets

    It just gets worse. This is a highly speculative common stock, and caveat emptor baby!

    jog on

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    Talking Re: PLD - PLD Corporation

    Very surprised there hasn't been a contribution to the PLD thread for well over 7 years. A lot has changed for PLD since then. Their main focus is the Rocky Gully Ni-Cu project located in Albany-Fraser Belt. This is one of the hottest areas at present for nickel exploration after the recent Nova discovery by Sirius.

    I've been watching PLD for a while. In terms of juniors that have a significant chance of making a nickel discovery this drilling season I very much like PLD.

    I'm very much looking forward to the drilling of the M19 & M20 prospect with sulphides already found above an associated EM conductor. Previous drilling at M20 resulted in increasing Ni-Cu grade in each hole moving towards a recently identified EM conductor with a peak intercept of 12m at 0.71% Ni.

    PLD has a very modest market cap of approx. $3.3M (@ 0.8c) with potential of significant upside over the next few months. There have been two recent research reports on PLD from Bell Potter and Breakaway with both rating as a speculative buy. Bell Potter states a 12 month target price of $0.03 per share based on exploration success at Rocky Gully.

    While the drilling of the M19 & M20 prospect has the potential to significantly re-rate the PLD share price in the near term, they are also conducting soil sampling over a further 8 'Priority' Ni-Cu targets. There are also a number of gold targets requiring further sampling throughout the Rocky Gully Project.

    PLD have also just announced an iron ore project application in the Pilbara. It is adjacent to the south of existing BHP Billiton Iron Ore Mine and rail operations.

    These are my thoughts only but personally I think PLD is flying under the radar and is very good value at present considering the short term potential upside that could be determined over the next couple of months. Anyone else watching PLD?

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    Seven years ago, PLD stood for Portland Orthopeadics. Why is it called PLD Corporation now? It is involved with mining and it does not match the description as stated on ASX website:

    "The Company specialises in the development, marketing and distribution of innovative joint replacement systems in Australia and the USA."

    The ASX announcements do not match the above description. When did ASX re allocate the code?
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    Name change, restructure & recapitalisation


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    Default Re: PLD - PLD Corporation

    Thank you. That is a very big change.
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    Been following them for a while too, looks like very much under the radar.

    going to be called "Metalicity", suspended from official quotation until the 22nd of July, Iwonder what the big annoncement is going to be

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    On July 31st, 2015, PLD Corporation Limited (PLD) changed its name and ASX code to Metalicity Limited (MCT).

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