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    Default I'm taking tomorrow off!

    Off the market tomorrow! Believe it or not this is the first time in 6 weeks i will have strayed from the money porthole! Any rate I've got a pulldown in point cook' I thought me and my son could spend the day on, plus the fact we are short of labour at the minute being the busiest time of the year for scaffolders. I look forward to the exercise anyway, since i've been trading I've found another 6kg which I dont need. I'm weighing in at 98kgs which is not what I wanted, especially since this xmas our family is holding the biggest loser! We started back early November and 9 of our family took our weight measurement with the deal being who ever lost the greatest percentage of weight come xmas eve would win the kitty ($50 bucks each put in at the start).
    Anyrate currently i'm losing! Hopefully burn a few kg's tomorrow!

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    Default Re: I'm taking tommorow off!

    m8 - it's as easy as thinking of jokes lol.


    Iíve Been on diets off and on for Nearly twenty years,
    and All-in-all Iíve lost a ton, and Bored grown men to tears,
    so Now I like to tell these jokes, they Take my mind off food,
    it Makes it all so easy folks, while Iím in my joke mood.

    This joke I tell extremely well - aBout this stupid chicken
    and Why it wants to cross the road, and Ends up finger-licken,
    .... how Bout that now.. Iíve lost the plot - I Can't recall the punchline,
    I'll (sure as eggs) remember it - while Queuing in some lunchline.

    aNother joke that lifts a frown, whenEver I wax lyrical,
    Concerns this bloke called Farmer Brown, itís Sorta hick-satirical -
    he Plugs a pig to win this prize- a Barbq with fork,
    ahh Rats, the punchline - Ill get back - the Next time I have pork.

    and Then these blokes are on this plane, the hostess brings their meal,
    I Cant recall if pork or bird, but heckÖ - that's no big dealÖ ,
    and Something 'bout Pearl Harbour ,, yes, ,, and La-de-da ,, Titanic,,,,hah
    he Poured his meal ..Ösuch waste ...(spiced veal, and crab mousse served Hispanic)!

    and Then these ducks are Flying south, one Folds his wing to eye,
    and Then his wingspan Rhubarb, rhuÖ. mm duck and rhubarb pie?,
    the Ovenís set - one hundred eighty - Kitchen smells of bird, 
    ..forGet the joke, it's - (mind the feathers) - Probly one youíve heard.

    well Now that Iíve told all these jokes, it Must be someoneís turn,
    to Tell another - one at most - and Then we should adjourn;
    this Pub around the corner serves this Buffet "Monster Munchtime"
    my Mem'ry only baulks at jokes - it's Sharp as tacks come lunchtime

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    Default Re: I'm taking tommorow off!

    there was this bloke called 2020
    who had a poem for many many
    every thing he said
    came straight from his head
    and he kept everyone alive
    with his new mode jive!
    Hey 2020 this the best i could do in 3 minutes!

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    Default Re: I'm taking tommorow off!

    and this is best in just a minute
    I suggest my friend you bin it
    ava good break
    and take care with that bloody scaffold!

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    Default Re: I'm taking tommorow off!

    Quote Originally Posted by 2020hindsight
    and this is best in just a minute
    I suggest my friend you bin it
    ava good break
    and take care with that bloody scaffold!
    ha ha ha

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