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    Post AVS - Avastra Limited

    up 35%


    looks interesting

    hit a high of 46 cents
    presently trading at 38 cents

    acquiring US sleep disorder clinics in the states

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    Default Re: AVS - Avastra Limited

    Queensland Investment Corp is one of the largest fund managers in Australia. They bought 17% of AVS last week

    They are still buying....

    17.2% today...

    lots of cross trades happening

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    Default Re: AVS - Avastra Limited

    there's a bit of a breakout happening today....

    but wait for the next announcement

    this is heading to $1.00

    no media coverage - but expect it soon...

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    Default Re: AVS - Avastra Limited

    Just wondering if there are any fellow Avastra holders out there in ASF land?

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    Default Re: AVS - Avastra Limited

    Insto's buying.....

    Announcement out that Paradice Investments now hold 8.37% of this company. Increased their holdings from 5.94%.

    QIC hold a 17% stake in this co.

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    Default Re: AVS - Avastra Limited


    Avastra - not a sleep easy choice
    Avastra (ASX:AVS) is not an investment grade stock. However it might be one to keep an eye on as it pursues its new strategy. It's a consolidation play in the US sleep studies centre market. According to the company's own figures, it's a $2bn market and Avastra are looking to buy up profitable centres and optimise the centres themselves (read higher fees) as well as delivering efficiencies through sharing back office functions. They've acquired 2 historically profitable centres as well as an equipment supply/distribution company and are talking to more.

    Of course there are some big questions to be answered: how good will the management be at making value acquisitions at the right pace and delivering the required financial outcomes? how much extra cash will they need to raise? will centres jack up their prices when they see AVS coming?

    One for the watch list. And sleep well.

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    Default Re: AVS - Avastra Limited

    the strategy Avastra has to consolidate a position in the sleep market in the US is coming together very nicely indeed. Mark this down as another potential ABC in several years time.

    Up over 10% today - nice.

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