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    Post POP - Primary Opinion

    G`day mates!! : A new thread YIPPEE for ...

    JUMBUCK Entertainment !!!

    Anyone know anything about or invested in this mob?? Sounds like big potential to me with ever increasing demand for mobile phone entertainment and internet integration. I don`t think that demand is gonna go away anytime soon!!

    Some snippets from their website:

    Who are they??
    "Jumbuck Entertainment is the largest provider of Community messaging applications to Wireless Carriers in the world, delivering over 13 billion WML page impressions a month. Jumbuck operates out of offices in San Francisco, London, Cologne, Perth, with Headquarters based in Melbourne, Australia. Jumbuck has successfully attained a global distribution foot-print with a network of over 70 carriers globally and a community in excess of 15 million users. Jumbuck is a public company, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (JMB). "

    Recent results:
    "Melbourne, Australia –August 29 2006- Jumbuck Entertainment Ltd (ASX:JMB) today announced financial results for the year ended June 30, 2006 including a 51.9% increase in net profit after tax for the year ended 30 June 2006 to $4.3 million.
    Total sales revenue increased 59.3% to $11.246 million, driven largely by organic growth and also by the acquisition of wap3 Community business in June 2006."


    I'm not invested here yet, but my dad brought them to my attention and I like the sound of their business. Might be a nice diversification away from my current Zinc & Gas bias.

    Anyone interested?? - Dukey

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    I've had this one on my watchlist for at least a year.....moved from 50c to where it is now. Low liquidity is a concern but the business does sound good with loads of potential. Market cap at $90mil and p/e looks reasonable for a growth company at 19.

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    Default Re: JMB - Jumbuck Entertainment

    Yep - I wanna do some more research on them, especially competition wise.
    They seem to have the globe pretty well covered - many partners all over the world which should set them up for a strong few years ahead I think.
    Any idea about their competition? I've never looked into this kind of business before.

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    No, not sure who the competition is but I'm sure there are a few. They are one of the leaders though.

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    Mmmm - its a long way down the track now - but I'm still watching this one.
    JMB has been sliding steadily since sept 06 - from around 2$ to touch 1$ in the august correction. BUT - good results out recently. Profit up a mere 32 %. And business model seems sound - Market leader in mobile chat groups etc.

    Might be one to keep an eye on as it could be about to turn up out of its long term down-slide.
    Any chart gurus out there interested in looking at this one??

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    Default Re: JMB - Jumbuck Entertainment

    Definently Dukey, watching this one carefully. I like the fundamentals of this business as well. Will post a chart when I get home from work.

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    Default Re: JMB - Jumbuck Entertainment

    Interesting reading the above posts and looking at the history of these guys towards a market cap of $3 mil. They have not raised capital or loaded up on debt just looks like that blue sky growth potentual did not happen.
    If a bargain cannot be obtained today, the market will open again tomorrow offering you a fresh new opportunity and a new price.

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    Default Re: POP - Primary Opinion

    On June 3rd, 2014, Jumbuck Entertainment Limited (JMB) changed its name and ASX code to Primary Opinion Limited (POP).

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    Default Re: POP - Primary Opinion

    These guys are doing a backdoor listing of the Maggie Beer food business. Who doesn't love a bit of Maggie Beer pate!

    One of the interesting things is the level of rebates they have to give to their customers (I'm guessing that's Coles and Woolies). 14% of revenue last financial year.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.26.12 PM.jpg

    A couple of other things

    - The business doesn't get any access to the Maggie Beer media empire (books, TV etc)

    - They're paying $15m for 48% of the business. That multiple looks richer than a duck parfait to me. I'd expect at that sort of price they'd at least get control, or get a slice of the media stuff. They're certainly paying a control premium.

    - I would have thought someone with the profile of Maggie Beer would be able to juice higher margins on her products. But the margins are thinner than a slice of jamon. Is that because of Coles and WOW or because food is just a tough business to be in, especially at the premium end?

    Not one I'm really interested in, I just happened across the listing docs today.
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