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    Default Dividend question

    Just want to know if this is a common practice with some people.

    Just investing in upcoming dividends (blue chip) pref Franked
    Ride the growth as everyone buys up then sell when it goes ex dividend?
    or just before.

    Does anyone have any comments or warnings with this type of trading?
    Is it dangerous or frowned apon as a beginners look on the market?

    If the company looks solid and the dividend is decent the only loss you would have is everyone pulling out at the end, but that usually corrects itself within a couple of weeks?

    One more question, Should I be wary of companies not performing well handing out big dividends?

    Im very new to this and are trying to read up as much as possible, any help will be great.

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    Default Re: Dividend question

    Try this link, and also have a look at his linked page, I think it is what you after..

    The above post is personal opinion only, for investment advice consult a licensed professional who fully understands the value of trailing commissions.

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