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    Post AXT - Argo Exploration


    uranium, nickel, copper.

    is anybody getting on. popped up today. considering posting away for a few units.

    issue price 20 cents.


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    Default Re: AXT- argo exploration

    intercept hill....


    i think it will open over issue price. they are not raising a lot of money really and the top shareholders on a good piece of the company. I rang the registry and they are already well oversubscribed.

    I got a feeling they will be sending me my cheque back.

    might buy in on open.
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    Question Re: AXT- argo exploration

    i've read the prospectus, not impressed at all,because states unclear and is hard to read, no one knows the IPO open date, sorry i wont touch this one, i will wait for the next U.

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    Default Re: AXT- argo exploration

    fair judgement.

    good to hear thanks

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    Very nice looking. Nice and close to the successful Carrapateena strike of Monax I believe. Concern is the aquisition comment in the prospectus. Worth a risk I believe. Finding out more from "on the ground" source soon.

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    It is over subscribed by 2.

    I have sent away.

    Good luck to anyone who gets on.

    I expect my cheque back in the mail.
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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration


    As I suggested earlier, oversubscribed heavily.

    Will open above ipo.

    I'd be keeping a close track on what MOX does because its fair to say this will follow its direction.

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    Anyone on?

    No shares allocated to the public, due to over subscribtions from early investors. $5 million dollars out of the $7 million was raised before it went open to public according to website.

    35 million shares on offer. How will this effect the way the share is traded. Will it be a stock where theres a lot of turnover? or will it be a tight registry.

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    Only 350 shareholders.

    Substantial holders making up 69%.

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    But now down 20%? Can't get the announcement to load
    Everything you know is wrong

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    Up over 30% from listing date.

    I will be buying more when funds become available. Positive first day really and opened over 30 cents like I was told.

    ACB started in the same fashion. The smart money has taken a position in this one.

    No announcement required at this stage its all happening in early 07.

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    I love the fact this stock is so far off the radar....

    I got some more at 26.5 cents today.

    A substantial holder announced, and airborne assays taking place.

    MOX is very important as AXT is in the same area.

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    and we are away and off to the races.

    quarterly report coming soon.

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    AXT has closed above 40 cents for the first time.

    anyone holding also?

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    Still holding.

    No real announcements, yet price continues to be strong. Very tightly held stock.

    Charts are looking good, and copper/uranium is their major play.

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    Do you believe me now????

    50 cents. Its right next to MOX.

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    Up 28% today, has performed really well since float for me.

    Fat Prophets has recommended at 43 cents.

    I can understand why not much chat about axt. To be honest its a stock that is held really tightly since it was floated, with very few announcements. So the average punter wouldnt know much about it. Has gone about its business very quietly.

    It is going to happen, the drilling is starting, and the targets are highly prospective, not going to say its good value now, as I think its a bit more out in the open.

    Still happy to hold this one.

    No price targets, time will tell.

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    AXT has increased its market cap by 50% in 2 days.

    Fat Prophets report has really caused a buying spree, drill results will be interesting.

    Anyone here holding too?

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration


    Looks like you have had this all to your self
    Been in this for quite a while
    Look for announcement on the commencement of drilling within 2 weeks
    Even bought more at 55cents
    Copper will be huge
    I am expecting 90cents whilst drilling

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    Default Re: AXT - Argo Exploration

    Yep am happy to hold. I have been told a price target of what they are thinking, pm if your keen to know this.

    I got in on float, find another person on here that also did and you may be very hard stretched.

    I dont care if AXT doesn't get the spotlight. Under the radar is fine by me.

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