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    Silver Swan Group Ltd (SWN) list tomorrow at 2.30pm. It has acquired tenements in SA exploring for mainly nickel and gold. It raised $3 million via their IPO which closed early over subscribed.

    15 million shares on hand which seem to be rather tightly held.

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    Still a few hours to go but looks like listing at 26 cents. Lots of buyers, few sellers so far

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    Great debut - opened at 27.5cents high of 30 cents and limited sellers. One to watch

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    Wow nothing on SWN for nearly 6 years.

    Ordinary Shares 131.5 million
    Options 35.0 million
    Market Cap (at 3.6 cents) $4.7 million
    Cash $3.4 million

    Copulos Group 17.73%
    Paul van Loenhout 4.16%
    HSBC Nominees Australia Limited 3.86%
    Hillgrove Resources Limited 3.19%
    Richard Brown 2.56%

    Projects – Spain and Australia

    La Codosera Gold Project
    • Located 40km from the provincial capital Badajoz of the Extremadura region of eastern Spain
    • Five mineral permits (Afra, Buenavista, Breρa, Monteviejo and Sierra Lugar) of 18.5km2
    • Extensive historic gold workings; 8 gold prospects
    • Gold associated with stacked saddle reefs, in fault-parallel veins, steep oblique breccia zones, along the limbs and in the core of antiforms, in conglomeratic quartzites

    Potential for significant and multiple horizons of open-pit gold mineralisation
    • Historic diamond drilling returned high-grade intersections: 10m @ 3.6g/t Au & 4.6m @ 2.3g/t Au (C27B); 8m
    @ 3.0g/t Au (C-27); 7.1m @ 2.7g/t Au (C-32); 4m @ 5.9g/t Au (Ng-08); 16m @ 1.5g/t Au (NG-15)
    • Positive historic trench results 22m @ 1.7 g/t, 16m @ 2.7 g/t, 4m @ 7.2 g/t and others
    • Native gold filling fractures and vugs at Cerro de Los Algarbes
    • Potential for significant and multiple horizons of gold: open pit
    • Large undrilled areas to be tested

    Joint Venture - Silver Swan Group & Astur Gold Inc: Key terms
    • Silver Swan will expend on exploration a total of AUS$3.0M for an 80% interest in the project from Astur Gold
    - $1.5M expenditure to earn 51% within a period of 3.5 years (including $500,000 minimum expenditure
    commitment to be expended within a period of 14 months)
    - $1.5M expenditure to earn 80% within a period of 5 years
    • SWN will provide to Astur up to $1.0m worth of SWN shares, in $0.5m tranches, conditional upon SWN achieving Indicated JORC Resources of 500,000oz gold and 1,000,000oz gold respectively

    Quinns VMS Project
    JORC Mineral Resource Estimate: (ASX Announcement 6 April, 2010)
    1.48Mt@1.02% Cu, 1.39% Zn, 0.24g/t Au, 3.31g/t Ag
    Measured (463,428t) Indicated (703,286t) Inferred (317,708t)
    High grade intercepts
    • 58m@2% Cu from 148m, including:
    • 5m@ 10% Cu
    • 2m@ 17% Cu
    • 38m@14% Zn from 105m, including:
    • 2m@46% Zn
    • 6m@33% Zn

    Flinders VMS Prospect
    Flinders prospect – strong indicators of VMS mineralisation
    11FLD001 5m @ 1.2% Zn, (258-263m), 11m @ 0.2%Cu
    11FLRCD003 10m @ 4.7% Zn incl. 6m @ 7.0% Zn (247-257m)
    11FLRCD004 5m @ 1.3% Zn (333-338m) & 6m @ 0.3% Cu (336-342m)
    11FLRCD006 8m @ 1.2% Zn incl. 1m @ 5.1% Zn (252-260m)

    Drilling to commence in mid June

    Tasman & Murchison Wonder VMS Prospect
    10TSRC002 6m @ 3%Zn, 12m @ 5.5g/t Ag, 6m @ 0.4%Cu
    Drilling of diamond holes in each prospect area is due to commence in mid June

    11MWRC005 3m @ 2.9%Zn, incl. 1m @ 5.5% Zn, 1m @ 2.7% Zn
    11MWRC003 9m @ .85% Zn, incl. 1m @ 1.53% Zn, 1m@1.2% Zn,1m@1.3% Zn

    • Highly prospective for Cu-Au mineralisation
    • Airborne VTEM has delineated 5 anomalies
    • Drilling at Lady Alma into off-hole conductor
    • All NE-trending fault systems to be systematically traversed for Gabanintha Cu-Au style mineralisation
    2m @ 1.3% Cu
    Copper Hills
    7m @ 1% Cu, 2m @ 2.6% Cu,
    1m @ 3g/t Au, 1m @ 1.4% Cu
    • Highly prospective for Cu-Au mineralisation
    • Airborne VTEM has delineated 5 anomalies
    • Drilling at Lady Alma into off-hole conductor
    • All NE-trending fault systems to be systematically traversed for
    Gabanintha Cu-Au style mineralisation

    3m @ 1.4% Cu, 1m @ 1.8g/t Au
    2m @ 1.3% Cu, 3m @ 1.4% Cu, 5g/t Au,
    3m @ 1% Cu, 1m @ 2g/t Au, 1m @ 1.9% Cu, 2.3g/t Au
    3m @ 2.5% Cu, 1m @ 1.4g/t Au
    7m @ 1.3% Cu, 3m @ 2% Cu
    4m @ 2.4% Cu, 1.6g/t Au
    5m @ 1.2g/t Au

    Abbotts Gold Project
    • Tenements cover 265km2, 30km NNW of Meekatharra
    • Prospective for lode-gold mineralisation
    • Dismembered layered intrusion, felsic & mafic sequences – opens up Cu-Zn mineralisation
    • Over 600m of strike, gold results include: 4m @ 13.9g/t, 4m @ 13.2g/t, 3m@21.5g/t, 4m@10g/t, 5m@39.2g/t. 3m@12.5g/t
    • Anomalous copper mineralisation identified in the north
    • Much of Abbotts remains unexplored

    Fully Underwritten Rights Issue to raise $2.1M
    $2.1M to be raised in a fully underwritten Rights Issue
    One new share offered at $0.032 for every two shares on issue
    One free attaching listed option with an exercise price of $0.07 cents per share for every two new shares issued
    Cash to be principally directed at exploration and drilling programmes in Spain and Australia
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    Post Re: CVV - Caravel Minerals

    On November 27, 2012, Silver Swan Group Limited (SWN) changed its name to Caravel Minerals Limited (CVV).

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