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    Could someone kindly tell me how to copy and subsequently paste more than one link address at the same time?

    e.g. if I'm reading, say, the SMH and there are three items which are of interest and I copy all of them, when I attempt to paste them into the message, only the last one appears to be retained.

    With thanks.


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    1. Copy the first item and paste it in the Notebook as you normally do.

    2. Minimise the Notebook by clicking on the _ in its right hand corner. Don't save it as yet. The link to this notebook will be placed on the Taskbar at the bottom.

    3. Select the second article you want to save. Do the usual copy.

    4. Click on the notebook entry in the taskbar to display it. Go to the bottom of the first entry and paste here your second article.

    Repeat this till you've got all the items you want to copy. At the end do Save As in the usual manner.

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    Default Re: Question re Copy and Paste

    Thanks, Anon, but all I usually do is highlight the address I want, then go to Edit and click on "copy". Nothing appears to happen, but then when I want to insert that address in a message I just click on Edit again, and then click on Paste and the address appears in the message.

    Can you give me instructions from there perhaps?


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    I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure every time you click on copy (or use the alternaive <control>-c) the contents of the clipboard are overwritten with whatever you are currently copying and hence why only your last web address is retained.

    To copy multiple addresses to say an email address or a post in here I do what anon posted.

    To clarify:

    1. copy and paste each address from your browser into any text editor - notepad is probably the easiest.

    2. after all your addresses have been added to notepad, then highlight all of them in one go (as shown in the attached demo) and then click on Copy (or <ctl>c) if you prefer. This copies what you have highlighted into the clipboard ready for pasting to wherever you want.

    3. Then put your mouse cursor where you want to past and click Paste (or <ctl>v) if you prefer and then all the links should then be inserted into your email or post.

    For demo purposes I will insert the 3 links in the attached image to the actual body of this post (and hopefully it will work )



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    Default Re: Question re Copy and Paste


    Space Cadet is correct. The clipboard can only hold one item, so the next time you copy something you overwrite what you last copied.

    You just have to copy and paste them one at a time.


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    Default Re: Question re Copy and Paste

    OK, thanks to all. How do I access Notepad or similar? Have never used this facility.


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    If you're using a Windows PC then Notepad comes as standard.

    You should be able to find it under the Start button somewhere - Start > Programs > Accessories and then select Notepad.

    This might vary a little depending on whether you are using Windows XP or a previous version of Windows.

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    Hi Julia,

    Space Cadet has shown you how to get to Notepad - I didn't see his post when typing the same instructions - but will leave the rest of my post as it may be useful:

    If you intend to use it frequently, you can right click on the notepad icon (while in the accessories menu), click on "send to" and then "desktop (create shortcut)" and it will put notepad on your desktop for easy use in future.

    If I have several links to paste into a message, I keep the ASF "reply to message" window open, and then use a different Internet Explorer window/s to access the other sites. Then just copy and paste straight into ASF instead of going through notepad.

    Using Notepad or Word can be useful if you don't want to post your link straight away, allowing you to save it until you are ready to post.


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    Good advice above. Icons on the Desktop are very useful and it is a very simple process to put them there. Space Cadet and Sails described how to put an icon for the Notepad onto the Desktop for easy access when you want to copy/paste some data.

    Having the Notepad icon on the desktop will require minimising the data that you are looking at and want to copy in order to display the desktop to allow access to the icon. You can avoid this inconvenience by putting the Notepad icon on the Taskbar - the bar that the START button sits on. Do this by -

    Right click on the Taskbar. In the dialog box that comes up click on "Lock the Taskbar" if there is a tick beside it. A small vertical bar will appear. (Actually it is the right side of a platform that icons sit on). Using mouse move this bar to the right to make space for whatever icons you may wish to place there.

    Using mouse drag the Notepad icon (now on the Desktop) down to the Taskbar and drop it between the Start button and the vertical line at the right. Optimise space on the Taskbar by moving the icon and the vertical bar to the left. Right click on the Taskbar and tick "Lock the Taskbar" option.

    Note that any icons that you drag and drop onto the Taskbar will not be removed from the Desktop.

    Clicking the Notepad icon on the Taskbar will allow you to bring it up without having to minimise the document you want to copy. It will bring up only a clean copy of the Notepad, not your most recent copy with data on it. That you will have to handle in the usual manner.

    I have a number of icons on the Taskbar - Windows Explorer, My Documents, Desktop, Firefox, Thunderbird etc..


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