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    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to trading and this is my first post.

    Was wondering if anyone has investigated opportunities with the current round of Government funding, for research and development of clean coal and solar technologies? I found mostly government agenices involved but perhaps there are some private investment potentials? Apparently Australia will lead the way in this field and the new technology will be valuable.

    One stock I could find was ESI, which got a small grant on friday of $238,000
    but is an over all downtrend.

    Regarding solar and uranium technologies .... I bought SLX a few weeks ago, which to me looks solid technically and fundamentally.
    Silex Systems have interests in solar technology dev. They also have GE currently investing $55 million in their uranium enrichment technologies which has added nice momentum to their share price recently.

    Love to hear any ideas / comments.

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    Default Re: Energy technology opportunities

    slight change of tack, but saves creation of yet another thread.
    A friend sent me this clip. I just wonder, how the Multis will react if this technology ever gains traction

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