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    Anyone have any opinions on Athena Resources site is www.athenresources.com.au Will be having a look this afternoon and to see if i have any money available just in case!Also does anyone have any opinions on the Directors.One of them was at BNM but i am a a fairly recent investor and migrant so opinions would be welcome.They are exploring for nickel,copper,gold and potentially uranium,lead and zinc.

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    Is there anything else they could look for?? maybe bauxite and aluminium i guess just to cover all bases.

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    Default Athena Resources

    Was wondering if anyone knew of this company and its prospects???

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    Default (AHN) Athena Resouces

    It was announced after close today that AHN would go into suspension (or into suspenders).

    It had gone into a trading halt on the 28th.

    After having fallen to the mid-30s around 21st, it made impressive gains to
    60 cents before the trading halt.

    Considering the recent acitivity it would seem that there may be good news in the future.


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    Announcement out



    30 metres @ 0.56% Ni, including 8 metres @ 0.74% Ni
    10 metres @ 0.61% Ni, including 3 metres @ 1.03% Ni
    Initial metallurgical test programme implemented

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    Closed 60.

    buyer at 75 and first of only 2 sellers at 80c.

    Fairly tightly held stock.

    Obviously going up.

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    Up 25% to 75c

    Not many for sale.

    What are thoughts on the quality of the nickel grades?

    See ann.


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    Default Re: AHN - Athena Resources

    Well I thought they were quite good.

    Got sold down a bit. Holding to see what the week brings.

    Tight register so does gap a bit, hopefully some support will arrive and clean out a few lines quickly.

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    G'day All,
    Well if you are reading this there is a good chance you know of AHN and are either in or watching them.
    Last major announcement was very good results of rock chip samples. My understanding is we are awaiting soil sample results.
    Very low market cap with lots of upside IMO.
    Please comment on your thoughts regarding AHN as this thread has been very dry over the last 12 months!!

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    Default Re: AHN - Athena Resources

    MC - $7.2m
    SP - 6c
    Shares - 122m
    Options - Nil
    Cash - $414k

    Athena Resources advise that the Company received assay results for a sampling program designed to test a magnetic anomaly at the northern tip of the Byro East ultramafic intrusion.
    Assays have revealed very high grades of up to 68.28% Fe in oxide. The samples were taken from sub crop and surface float localized above a strong magnetic anomaly.
    -MBCR304 68.28% Fe
    -MBCR305 63.06% Fe
    -MBCR302 58.57% Fe

    Rock chip assay results reveal continuous magnetite seam of high grade and low impurities. Field mapping results indicate the seam extends for 5.8 kilometres with associated hematite apron
    Combined rock chip assay results and aeromagnetic demonstrate kilometre scale magnetite outcrop with large haematite weathering apron
    Attached Images
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