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    Default Caulfield Cup Tomorrow.....

    I was going to give you tomorrow's Caulfield Cup winner here....BUT.....
    Since this forum is the habitue of many a punter and read by millions...I will, (please do understand my position....) refrain from giving you the Winner of the Cup....Can you imagine?
    Do I thus do......The price tomorrow will half!
    Sorry mates........

    I will just hypothesize here:

    Railings, to win, Activation to run second and Tawqeet (The Melbourne Cup winner) third......

    Well.......Still plenty of time to discuss the pre(Caulfield) Cup Shenanigans here.......

    PS. Still my "Tip" is safely and esoterically kept from the....."plebs".....


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    Default Re: Caulfield Cup Tomorrow.....

    Sorry i wrote your trifecta on the pub toilet wall, just above the urinal.......hmm no one will miss it....

    You obviously respect the metrop form. I struggle with it, i thought tawqeet had a charmed run in a fairly quickly ran race, so was suited. Anyway Our smoking joe was a good effort in the turnbull, bit of rain around won't hurt. I agree railings has built up nicely and just as importnatly is drawn to give him a similar run as last year, also Headturner has put in the same performances as Railings the last two starts.

    Personally i am not sure if our horses are much chop, so perhaps an upset, especially if the track cuts up and starts racing in lanes.

    All internationals aside, if zipping drew 10 and not 20 i would be loading up, but it hasn't so,

    1 OSJ
    2 Railings
    3 Zipping

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    Default Re: Caulfield Cup Tomorrow.....

    Smooth, I DO appreciate your Cup comments.
    What I DO NOT apopreciate is this:
    Same style, same phraseology as that idiotically unacceptable "nick"(your other, 27th avatar? Lernaia's head?)....Blo malaka....
    Take care)))

    I am sure, of this:
    John (Not "Joe) can do better. At least WITH ME.............
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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