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    Default The Solution to the Iranian Crisis Impasse.....

    You were expecting to read my humble mind's solution to the most dangerous crisis (the North Korean issue, pales into total insignificance) our planet is confronted with today.
    Of-course you were.
    Still are.......Still hope.......That I will proceed with an analysis of my -as yet- theoritical analysis-explanation of "how" the political\diplomatic nuclear crisis with Iran CAN BE solved.....
    However, nice and very kind hearted, as well, (naturally) as pro-West individual as I am.......I am NOT going to divulge anything, NOW.
    Obvious are the reasons........

    No more.


    There is a "very"private service\facility here......I can be approached there....
    Otherwise, the equally as "private"and "safe (ask the H/Coprites) email of mine:

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    Default Re: The Solution to the Iranian Crisis Impasse.....

    Go on,be game ! Expose us to the problem and the solution...I hope that it is not too hard for me to understand!
    I have a thought that if one country did not continually threaten others,and back up their rhetoric by attacking a defenceless Iraq ,that countries like Iran and North Korea would not have such an urgent need to enhance their defences.
    I am sure that you have a better solution...why keep it to yourself?

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