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    I am going to stick my neck out and suggest AMP is in for a correction to around $5.70. I have sold.


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    In what time frame are you seeing that drop?

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    Smile Re: AMP Is it a sell?

    In the short term. I think they may hold up until they ex 13c div on 27 Sept, but will then fall quickly.

    Mind you I have been wrong many times before. This is not advice but my opinion based on charts.


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    Hi Bingo,

    the other day i bought into AMP, when it broke out technically out at $6.36, as the stock hit $6.45 it retracted back with out the heavy volume, seriously i honestly think AMP has fundamental problems, with the publics perception.. i end up selling back at $6.40 yesterday morning when the market opened, but i dont think AMP will be going anywhere north yet for quite some time...


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    I think you did well to get $6.40. Mind you even though I have sold I will look to get back in at around $5.70, but this will depend on my view at that time.

    As far as share trading is concerned I think I will be in-school for around another 100 years. Good name.


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