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    From .80c a share and paying a dividend of .03c down to .27c and no dividends.
    This Geelong based clothing wholesaler appears to be in real trouble.
    Anyone hqave any updates ? Any "positive" news ??

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    I like this company, especially at the lower price it is currently at. They have zero debt and can easily afford a bad year. There 4 previous years to this bad year had returns on equity of around 20-27%. They have some very good brand names and they sound like they are putting an effort in to grow the company with some outside assistance. (refer to announcment on 16/6/06). I have high hopes for this company to do well into the future.

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    Yeah Ok ... I'll bite.

    This sort of pattern often signals a final low. Not for me and yet not one to dismiss either.

    This is one I'd add to the pipeline for monitoring
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