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    Hi folks

    Just saw this come through that they are bidding with a ASX company with a CAP. of over $750m for Michiquillay copper project Cajamarca in Peru.
    Any idea who this might be?

    Any companies with foot holds in this region?

    Cheers Martin

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    Wink Re: LAT

    Hi X2,
    Read this on another site, might shed some light

    During the December quarter, Latin Gold announced its intention to lead a consortium to bid for the Michiquillay copper project in the Cajamarca department in Northern Peru.

    The project, which is owned by the Peru government-controlled Minero Peru, is a porphyry copper deposit that according to Pro-Inversion, contains “reserves” of 544 Mt grading 0.69% copper, 0.1-0.5 gpt gold and 2-4 gpt silver using a 0.4% cut-off.

    Latin Gold's consortium, which includes leading Peruvian mining identity Augusto Baertl and an ASX listed mid tier company with a market capitalization of greater than A$700 million with Latin American experience (who for commercial sensitive reasons does not wish to be named), stands a better chance of winning than most.


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    Default Re: LAT - Latin Gold

    Ann. 21 Sept

    Placement of 10 million shares.

    The Directors of Latin Gold Limited (“Latin Gold”) are pleased to advise that they have today resolved to issue 10,000,000 fully paid ordinary shares at an issue price of 4 cents per share (Shares), to raise $400,000. The Shares will be issued in accordance with Section 708A (8) of the Corporations Act and will be placed to a group of sophisticated investors well known to the Company.


    Current sp. 5.6c

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    Default Re: LAT - Latin Gold

    Latin Lovers

    LAT is currently 6.3c which is up from 5.5c at the beginning of yesterday.

    That is an increase of nearly 15%. Nice.

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    Default Re: LAT - Latin Gold

    why? is a good question. I'm holding - can't see any notices about yet...

    Wonder if there is an announcement due soon.

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    From the website..

    Latin Gold has been active in Latin America since 2003 and is based from an operations view point in Peru with its main office in Miraflores in Lima and a field office at the Paron project near the town of Caraz, which is 448 km's from Lima and 16 km's from the Paron gold project.
    I wonder if Kennas can nip around to the office in Miraflores and find out something for us?

    Recently, have had placement at 4c and some director buying.

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    Looks like its going to rise again today. Four lots of 500,000 share buys sitting in the wings. Someone must know something!

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    Default Re: LAT - Latin Gold

    I did trade this successfully way back when it was proving up the Peruvian resource... but it's got a contract to sell it now and the gov has introduced a new tax which has complicated the sale.

    When it's all sorted Lat should be in a very good cash position to get some serious exploration done on other projects.
    Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)

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    Default Re: MIG - Migme Limited

    On July 4th, 2014, Latin Gold Limited (LAT) changed its name and ASX code to Migme Limited (MIG).

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